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Why use interim managers?

Interim Managers are independent professionals who have made a career decision to work with many organisations rather than one. They are experienced and successful senior managers with a proven and demonstrable track record of delivering effective change. When an organisation hires an interim manager they are getting someone who has been in a similar situation before and brought it to a successful conclusion.

Interim Managers are an effective and capable resource that fills the void when there are short-term needs and/or medium to long term skills shortages within an organisation. They can be a much more cost effective option than using a consultancy - typically day rates are substantially lower.

Where you have a fair idea of what you want to do, but you don’t possess the necessary skills in house to deliver, then interim managers who are often more experienced than either in house employees or consultants can step in to drive the business forward.

Our interim managers are members of the Institute of Interim Management and operate across the following areas:

Programme/Project Management and Assurance, Commercial
Management and Bid Management

Filling the Void

  • Research undertaken by the Institute of Interim Management (which considers the full costs of employing someone over a 12 month period – salary, employers national insurance, healthcare, car, relocation, share options, bonus, pension) shows that it costs significantly less than recruiting on a permanent basis.
  • Sometimes, a void in your business appears unexpectedly, possibly due to a promotion, resignation or dismissal when you may need a capable and experienced resource quickly. Or when restructuring your business there may be a need to appoint an Interim Manager to fill a void whilst you recruit for a permanent member of the team.

See below links to various papers that provide information relating to the role that Interim Management plays in business from the Institute of Interim Management web site. (click titles to download)

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... significant impact, insight and added value ..

‘Steve had a leading role supporting a strategic change programme aimed at delivering a significant shift in the organisation’s culture. His contribution was characterised by an ability to grasp quickly the key issues in any given situation. When this was coupled with a depth of knowledge and insight it meant that Steve added value to the programme.

The ability to see quickly the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to deliver organisational benefits meant that his impact was significant and valued’.

David Powell - Chief Officer (Finance and Commercial) – Herefordshire Council and NHS Herefordshire

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