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Are you looking for a step change in your company's performance
... do you want to take your business forward, but

  • Lacking strategy and direction?
  • Challenged by not always having the right people in the business?
  • Wanting to develop your business and need reliable and experienced help?
  • Need business advice or coaching to take your business forward?
  • Looking to launch new projects or initiatives but haven't got enough experienced resources?
  • Running bids to develop new business and need a bid and/or commercial manager?
  • Undertaking business change, but don't have the knowhow or time to see it through to a speedy and successful conclusion!

Langstone & Co is an independent company that works with its clients to help them achieve their business goals by operating in more efficient and effective ways.

Once we have discussed and understood the issues that you are facing we will work together to move your business forward and enable you to achieve the goals that have been set. We will help you understand where you are in the businesses now, where you want to get to and the steps that are required to get there.

We are experts in delivering change for our clients and work with Public, Private, SME's and Third Sector organisations.

We give an undertaking to make a positive impact and difference to your business.


We take a flexible and realistic ‘hands on’ approach to consulting that delivers fast and demonstrable results and allows our customers to make the rapid progress that they expect. We put our reputation on the line with every engagement that we undertake and ensure successful delivery, every time.

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/Interim Management

Our interim managers, who are members of the Institute of Interim Management are an effective and capable resource that fills the void when there are short-term needs and/or medium to long term skills shortages within an organisation. They are experienced in what they do and focus on Programme/Project Management and Assurance, Commercial Management and Bid Management.

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Our trained and qualified coaches adopt a structured approach to providing coaching to clients to ensure that we are consistent and provide the highest quality service. We work with clients across all sizes of organisations and sectors.

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